The holiday season – a lesson in money management

by Natalie MacLellan on December 17, 2009

in educational resources

It’s Christmas vacation, the kids are home from school and so excited about the coming holidays you are at a loss for how to keep them busy. Add this to the general chaos of the holidays – gifts to buy, parties to attend. You may be traveling to visit family or friends, or hosting guests in your home. All of this can be expensive, and stressful.

Why not use the holidays as a time to pass on good money management lessons? Teach your children the value of saving and budgeting. Give them a holiday allowance to buy presents and treats, and help them spend it properly.

We have resources that can help you do this.

Recently we worked with the Chronicle Herald and Credit Unions of Nova Scotia to produce “Where did all my money go?” an educational supplement telling the story of Taylor and Drew, grade six students learning to save and budget their funds so they can participate in the class ski trip.

“Where did all my money go?” is a 4 page, full colour comic story, which was featured in the November 25 edition of the Chronicle Herald. It is also available online and in hard copy (limited quantities) from the Securities Commission. It also comes with an Instructor’s Guide, providing group activities adaptable for children of all ages & abilities.

To order a family or class set of paper copies, contact us by email, and indicate the number of copies you need. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.

While you are at it, please check out Make it Count, a new and interactive educational resource for parents and teachers and mentors of young children. Turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities. All of a sudden, a trip to the supermarket becomes a lesson in budgeting, or a drive in the car becomes a quick lesson on the cost of transportation. Get the Guide and learn how to talk to your kids about managing their money.

Happy Holidays!

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