Investor Warning

by Natalie MacLellan on June 18, 2009

in Fraud Prevention

Been approached by Shire Investments, or any of the companies below? Be careful.

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has issued an interim cease trade order against Calgary businesswoman Jeanette Cleone Couch, Shire International Real Estate Development Ltd., Shire Asset Management Ltd., Maples and White Sands Investment Ltd. and Hawaii Fund trust due to allegations of misrepresentations and fraud.

An interim cease trade order was issued by the ASC on June 4, 2009, and an extended order, now in effect, was issued June 15,2009.

While the companies named above have been activly operating in Alberta, it is believed they may be operating in other provinces as well.  They have offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Shanghai.  The company website is

For tips on how to protect your money, read about the red flags of fraud.

For more information, you may read the Alberta Securities Commission documents and cease trade order, or contact the Nova Scotia Securities Commission.
Initial Cease trade Order

Extended Cease Trade Order

More Information

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